2nd ACTS - Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences 2020

2nd ACTS - Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝熱学会 2020 2nd ACTS - 전열 학회 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝热学会 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝熱學會 2020

DATE:Nov.15(Sun.)-19(Thur.), 2020


Plenary Lectures

  • Suman Chakrabort

    Microfluidics and Microscale Transport Processes

    Suman Chakraborty

    Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

  • Jae Dong Chung

    Adsorption Cooling: Issues on Numerical Analysis

    Jae Dong Chung

    Sejong University

  • Yukitaka Kato

    Renaissance of Energy Storage Technologies for Low-Carbon Society

    Yukitaka Kato

    Tokyo Institute of Technology

  • Sasa Kenjeres

    Control of Flow and Heat Transfer Instabilities

    Sasa Kenjeres

    Delft University of Technology

  • Wojciech Lipinski

    Radiative Transfer in High-Temperature Solar Thermochemical Systems

    Wojciech Lipinski

    The Australian National University

  • Ali Shakouri

    Thermoelectric Energy Conversion from Nanoscale Devices to Systems

    Ali Shakouri

    Purdue University

  • Xing Zhang

    New Principles and Methods for Measuring Thermal Properties at Nanoscale

    Xing Zhang

    Tsinghua University