2nd ACTS - Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences 2020

2nd ACTS - Asian Conference on Thermal Sciences 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝熱学会 2020 2nd ACTS - 전열 학회 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝热学会 2020 2nd ACTS - 伝熱學會 2020

DATE:Nov.15(Sun.)-19(Thur.), 2020


Travel Information

Phoenix Seagaia Resort

Hamayama Yamasaki-cho, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
TEL : 0985-21-1111 (main switchboard)

To Miyazaki airport

Air (Flights might be changed depending on season.)
TokyoApprox.  90minround trip 18 flights/day
Osaka(Itami)Approx.  65minround trip 11 flights/day
Osaka(Kansai)Approx.  65minround trip 1 flight/day
Nagoya(Centrair)Approx.  75minround trip 3 flights/day
FukuokaApprox.  45minround trip 13 flights/day
OkinawaApprox.  80minround trip 1 flight/day
SeoulApprox. 100minround trip 3 fiights/day
TaipeiApprox. 130minround trip 2 flights/day
Hong KongApprox. 180minround trip 2 flights/day

*Flight information might be changed due to circumstances of airlines.

From Miyazaki Airport

With a taxi: approx. 25 minutes
• Small size taxi (up to 4 passengers) approx. ¥4,500
• Medium size taxi (up to 5 passengers) approx. ¥5,500
(the travel time and prices vary depending on traffic conditions)
With a bus: approx. 30 minutes
(available only On Saturday, Sunday and public holidays)
Price / ¥850 (incl.tax)
With a train (via Miyazaki Station)
From Miyazaki Airport to Miyazaki Station: approx. 10 minutes
Price / ¥350 (incl.tax)
Please take a transfer to the following bus.

From JR Miyazaki Station

With a bus: approx. 25 minutes
Price / ¥510 (incl.tax)
(You may have to wait for a next bus depending on the condition of the transition of buses. Please check the time schedules prior to your trip)

Transportation details